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Voice Recordings

Voice Message

February 7, 2011

Oakland Park Audio Incident

(03/06/2016, 17:24pm)

Flagler County Audio Incident

(05/11/2016, 17:44pm)

Video Recordings

March 15, 2014 near 1:45pm This driver engaged in the same pattern of conduct that I experience all the time.(He intentionally cut in front of my vehicle to get my attention of his Tennessee vehicle plates.) I stopped the recording and as I continued north on interstate I 95. Then the road rage started with the driver that you see in the second video.

March 15, 2014 near 1:50pm Dangerous Road Rage on I 95. This driver engaged in a pattern of conduct by cutting my vehicle off and break checking me several times. He almost cause me to have an accident. As I exited interstateI 95, he exits the car. It should be noted that often the people who harass me are driving other people’s vehicle to avoid detection

My Story

coming Soon

Since 1990’s Community Activist is placed under surveillance in continuing and ongoing ruse & schemes. Joy inadvertently expose the misconduct; (a fuse or scheme that they do all the time did not go as planned). Joy is black -listed and has been placed in clandestine retaliatory take down program.

(Full Story coming soon).

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